Wednesday, March 15, 2006


argh... there's this sudden interest of mine to be a teacher.. how how? accountancy sounds like a good deal.. but i cant imagine seeing myself coming back late from work at 2am everyday.. my family will miss their papapapa.. haha.. and its like stress, white hair and torture.. n wat about business.. many people says its too general a degree and i have to compete with people from poly that might even be more outstanding than me.. who cares of a degree when a cheaper diploma student can earn more right.. sighs.. teachers are the best la.. stress free, get to interact with students, build strong pillars for the future.. haha.. sighs.. but i missed the deadline for the moe scholarship thing.. and this means next year.. sighs... i have to wait again....... y didnt i do my research.. sighs sighs sighs.. nus science, ntu accountancy, nus or smu business.. headache!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

think u will enjoy being a teacher...go for it if you are really interested in it..follow ur heart... :)

9:19 PM  

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