Sunday, March 19, 2006

aims and resolution

decided to plan with some resolution so that my these 2 years are not wasted.. a lil late though now tat i didnt even get into ocs!!!!! argh.. this is sianz.. but nvm.. here my target goes:
1. be in the fittest shape i've ever been.. aim to run 10 mins and below! slim down and look more lean and trim.. too big size for my liking.. that means i gonna eat less and run more..
2. get a soccer boots.. aiming at the range of ablout 50-80 and must be cool and look nice.. quite hard la
3. buy rollerblades.. wanna pick up rollerblading so that i can rollerblade around singapore.. bicycle sounds a good deal too.. but guess rollerblading more effective for trimming down all e fats.
4. join some grassroots organization or some community work organization.. wanna return something back to the society.
5. teach tuition to maybe cousins or mum's friend children. need more income!! army pay is pathetic.......

I'M MOTIVATED!!!!! look out for the new matthew which is set to unleash in 3 months time.. he'll be trimmed and fit.. WOOOOO!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

: ) heyheyhey!
haha i can't wait to see you in 3 months time,matu boyee!!!

6:31 PM  
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