Sunday, November 12, 2006

boat spec

its been a long time that i've blog.. haha.. guess no one reads my blog at all anyway.. haha.. so if u do happen to read it pls leave a message so tat i see some point in blogging. haha.. anyway, i'm now a boat specialist in army.. my job is to drive this very heavy boat using this extremely heavy motor.. haha.. its shiok la when the wind blows across ur face and stuff. its something that i will not be exposed to until i got to army.. haha.. something cool.. haha..

sometimes i realli wished that i could drive my family my frens around singapore seas using the boat let them see how beautiful singapore is at night.. let them be thrilled and happy with my new found skill.. haha..

i'm looking forward to my ord but its like one more year.. sighs.. i miss all my primary school mates, secondary school mates.. everyone.. i'm kind of losing contact with many people and this is a very sad thing.. hai.. i spend one of the happiest time with all these cool dudes.. but im already losing contact with them at such a young age.. wat a pity.. pls keep in contact dudes...

signing off,
sergeant matu.. haha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sg Matu, some big shot now eh? hahaha.. im still reading la. but i've been seeing the same page for the past three months!! you oughta update more often u know.. hehes =)

niwae, i dun mind taking the trip down on your boat! but erhm.. safe anot huh?? hurhur. or if next time when you make big bucks, buy a yatch and bring 06 out on a class outing! hehs how does that sound ya?

kk.. stay blessed and happy always! =)

hugs, lj.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i am reading!
please blog more!

1:33 AM  

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