Sunday, December 26, 2004

6th month

haha.. with deardear NA 6 months le! happy pan zhou nian deaR! though next year will not be e same again but i hope you'll stay happy.. dearDEAR, pls tell me i more important than mahjong! haha.. ok.. god bless the world.. MErry ChrISTmaS!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

OGL camp =)

haha.. the camp is so so fun.. although e games quite lame but i think i had lots of fun making a fool out of the station masters and cheating.. my group air is super fun with lots of super lame guys.. didnt know kenneth and sam NG is sooooo lame.. haha.. think the gals got quite pissed off with my lameness but who cares.. i'm having fun.. haha..
N finally know some of the mass dance.. so so cool.. haha.. always wanted to learn how to dance.. haha..
then at around six can go home le.. but shu fang alone doing banner so i stayed back to help her =) her house com no one come one.. they so bad! hmph! haha.. then we were like painting n painting and got the places so messy.. so we borrowed thinner from gamma.. we were like only planning to use a lil when the gamma treasurer walked all e way from the banner painting area to the place below lt1.. then she asked us to pay for the thinner.. she go carry the thinner then say i think its worth three fifty.. you use the thinner then u pay us three fifty... OH MY GOD... i feel so ARGH!! we are all having the same aim which is to make the year ones feel like home.. must they be so selfish and go on to that extreme.. come on man! the whole thinner only cost 5 bucks.. must ya stoop to taht kind of level.. OH MY GOD! haha.. she even stated that alpha has 1000 dollars... BLAH BLAH... so no class.. haha.. btw, im not even from alpha and im helping shu fang loh.. pay then pay.. only 3.50 not 350 or watsoever.. this is so NIAO... haha.. no wonder there is no spirit in temasek.. pple are selfish.. they dun think of the betterment for the school.. just for their own clans.. but its ok la.. at least air had fun.. haha... N my polo T is red in colour.. haha.. the red handed gal make it red.. haha.. think have to buy a new one le.. hhaa
save moNEY le! haah..

wish: Temasek pple pls think of the big picture dun be so niao k.. though i dun noe wats the big hatred btwn clans but remember the fact that we are still from temasek.. smilez =)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Just moVe on with life =)

sometimes the past just hurts but guess by only moving on would things find its own remedy.. "forget the past if u want the future".. this sentence so nice.. from a song i heard on the radio.. haha.. so so so true.. hahaha..
holidays are ending soon.. school is coming.. must be focused now.. GAMBATTE matchinchin!!!
n for all pple who love oldies..
go dl stylistics songs.. its soooo nice!!! esp you make me feel brand new.. god bless evERyonE~

Sunday, December 12, 2004

monorail with some passerbys.. haha Posted by Hello