Sunday, July 31, 2005


went yfc for a talk.. does only chtistians go heaven? very enriching.. very meaningful.. btw, yfc stands for youth for christ. i am still a baby in terms of christianity and dont know much. but i wished that i will see more light and improve as a person. dont you think that life is meaningless if pple were to die and be reincarnated again and again? if this is the case, whats the point of living? might as well die and hope for a bettter life in the next life? haha.. thats just my opinion. hope i dont offend anyone. i dont believe in reincarnation due to this reason. and theres this very strong point that man is sinful by nature(stated in the bible). i truly agree with this. no matter how protected or looked after, one will definitely sin and disobey the words of god. N this is where jesus christ die on the cross for us. to redeem our sins. to serve as a reminder to all mankind.

N before that went to kick soccer where one of my fren say that some christians very pushy and make him uncomfortable. i understand. its not easy to believe in something that you cant see but only read.. i will doubt too.. but the bible is a very wonderful form of proof. the stats the places the reasoning are all so true. i am really a baby compared to my frens like yao qi and xiu xia, but i will try to grow. TO forgive and to forget... i just wish that i will be as truthful as i could and control my raging temper.. i pray..

Saturday, July 30, 2005

crazy matt

guess wat? i did something crazy today..

went simei to kick soccer then was suppossedly to go yao qi house and bath before going church but he pang seh me. so i am left in a stinking shirt and shorts. then now i panicked! i would have stinked many many pple. so i brainstormeD! simei, friends, short... then i thought of yuting.. can go her house shower first hor? haha.. so i messgaed her.. and the usual nice gal said ok.. so i chiong to her house with a packet of chicken wings( pai seh if go empty handed) haha.. had a shower then and i lefT.. am i just simply smart?? i cant stand myself for being so creative and such a thinker out of the box.. hahahaha..

Friday, July 29, 2005

anger management

hai.. today was a very bad day rounded of with a very nice ending. hai.. as usual my sch bus will drop me at the expo mrt for me to take 12. then 12 is super crowded and there are this bunch of people not willing to move in. the bus uncle is nice enough to let me board from the back. when i thought everything was fine then theres this terror*** look-a-like bus conductor. i explained to him the situation. and he scolded me stupid in fron of everyone.. i really wanted to argue back with him but i was quite shocked by his lousy attitude that i didnt realli react so i just went to the front to tap then i purposely gave the card back to him. how i noe taht idiotic terror*** went to record down my card number.. wat a jerk he is.. must be people like him that pollute the society.. hai.. i was filled with anger and my whole day is ruined. i feel very bad for me and for him. i hope he can change and i can change as well.. i dont want to be angry. i want to glorify god's grace. please control yout temper, matthew!! haha.. its good in a way, that i learnt something and will not hurt others in the future. then at night went to the vatican expo with my cell.. learnt so much things.. so useful.. hahaha.. hope that my faith will grow.. and i can truly be a better person with a better temperament and better understading of life as a whole.. may god bless the world.. =)

Thursday, July 28, 2005


was looking at phones when i was so mesmerised by samsung d500c.. sooooooOOooooOoooOOO nice! haha.. so cool.. black my favourite colour matches with my specs so well.. haha... but think i gonna just bug lj to buy for me for my belated birthday present.. haha... i donnt care!! if not, she will be deemed to be prejudiced! haah...

i really want to study overseaS!! pulled han ping to mug at e compass.. haha.. the atmosphere damn god. blasted the two aircons with just the room for the two of us. haha.. then that gayish librarian came and disturb us.. say waste resources ask us go out study and bring the stuffs out to read. so i like gave him a ~~~ expression and kind of make his theory senseless. we continued to stay till we are quite tired.. i mean its already his fortune to have such a stressless life, non macho life, so can he just leave the machos alone.. haha..

AND lastly........ i've been trying to keep my physical in tip top condition. hope that i dont overeaT!! please please... SELF CONTROL!! haha

Saturday, July 23, 2005


i feel so weak.. so tired.. so powerless.. feel that life is dragging.. can feel the ticking of the seconds.. dont look forward to things.. its just not me.. i miss my secondary school.. miss the life that i once had.. the days where school was so enjoyable... looking forward to school so that i could enjoy myself in pes and street soccer right after school and where tired was not a word in my dictionary.. am i sick or am i just feeeling stressed? i do not know.. i hope to find an answer.. i really just want to enjoy myself but its hard under this kind of stressed conditions.. i wonder hows life like in other jcs.. its just hard not to grow in the jc curriculum.. please give me faith,hope, life in my life.. if u are, u will be.. if you aren't, make sure u will be.. there is no room for failures and not much space for success.. you just have to realli squeeze and hope for the best.. although saddening, but thats just life...

Friday, July 22, 2005

at hub

so sianz to study le.. so i just stay at hub and play com.. haha..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

medical checkup

went to medical checkup with han ping and royce for this army thingy. then have to go check blood.. everything went smoothly when suddenly the lab people started to search frantically for me. i was not in the room then as i went to do x-ray. when i came out, there was this card that says please go back to the lab! i was scared out of my wits man. thought something happened to me. so i went back and the first thing they said was we suspected that u have anemia.. i heard leukemia at first and was dunmfounded.. luckily, i asked them once more and they said anemia.. but that was no good too.. i told them that i have never fainted b4.. so they took another sample of my blood to test and this time my blood past the tesT! wah.. so heng!! was so frightened loh.. realises life is short! one must realli treasure it man!!! realli!! esp ur frens and love ones.. dont live to regret but live to treasure.. haha.. ok.. take care folks!!! busy as we are, we must still remember the pple around us!! =)

field soccer on sat

wah!!!!! field soccer is crazy man!! one has to run from one end to the other end.. hAI.. i sucked at field soccer.. i regretted not joining soccer when i was young then i could be better on e field. after an exhausting day of chasing after the ba;;, the next day was terrible.. my thighs hurt and was so tired that i never do any tutorials on sunday. this is bad cause i always use my weekends to play catch up. hai.. wat to do.. but i find it ok ONCE in a while!!! haha.. to really distress and sweat myself ouT!! haha

Thursday, July 14, 2005


actually i find singlehood wonderful.. much more carefree, able to prioritize and think things clearly.. frens are better.. dun noe y suddenly think of this but its realli true..



Everyone is moving at such a fast pace.. pple are running it just doesnt allow one to walk.. you will get kicked out of the competition race. how i wish i could just pack my bag and go overseas to study. study something that i truly like, like sports physiotherapy. but dun think its possible. so i might as well just cast my dreams aside accept reality and try to keep up. i know i can and i will.. i WILL!!!!!!!!! just hope to boost class rankings.. haahhahaha.. GAMBATE MATCHINCHIN!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i wanna study overseas!!

suddenly motivated!! i wanna study overseas.. but need scholarship..
i will try hard..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

soccer on sat

ken called and asked me wanna play field soccer on sat not? n of course i agreed! haha.. though i have still quite a few injuries..... BUT i realli feel like playing.. haha.. hope my injuries get better and i can get used to e stupid contacts..

Sunday, July 10, 2005


haha.. as usual played soccer on saturday.. was my ownself scoring freely when i got myself injured... haaha.. it was like this.. received a long past and got a good first touch and was through on goal when suddenly shawn cleared the ball.. and unluckily, the ball cannonned off my face.. OUCH!! that was seriously painful.. initially was quite blurred.. cause the ball hit my face hard. All i knew was that my specs flew and my vision blured. but being the strong man tat i am, i stayed composed and acted like nothing happened.. BUt.. sadly, my eyelid got cut and it was bleeding.. so hai.. i got to stop playing and go get myself fixed.. haha.. hai.. so sianz.. got injured and cant continue.. hope life will be better to me.. hahaha.. BUT fortunately. my specs never break into two!! thank god =)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


the attitude there is damn bad! it sucks.. especially that salam and sons..
there is this malay shopowner who insulted my fren vulgarities.. they realli suck..
hope CASE does something