Thursday, December 14, 2006


one of my boat sank.. tat is like sooo unpredicatable.. the boat weighs at least 160kg so its realli difficult for it to sink.. apparently one of the anchorage commander asked my boatman to ferry him and his men and his stores over to another island.. but it was too heavy and the boat sank.. hai.. so much things happen and i guess i shouldn't blog here.. maybe if u wanna know e details e mail me huh.. anyway, i didnt eat for 3 days.. maybe i've become slimmer.. haha..

Saturday, December 02, 2006


haha.. was supposed to drive the boat from tuas to choa chu kang.. but lucky a change of plans.. haha.. in the end we laucnched 12 boats from our boat shed.. lucky lucky.. its so much nearer and convenient.. haha.. we drove to seletar island where we caught many crabs.. haha.. its those flower crabs u know.. super nice.. wanted to cook it maybe bbq it but its too small.. wat a waste man.. now im having block leave le.. haha.. wished to meet up with many old friends.. but many either busy or dun wanna care about me.. hai.. sighs.. so baD!!!