Tuesday, November 30, 2004

JAy ConCERt....

27/11/2004 another memorable day for duckyakamatchinchin! i am Sooooo happy on this happy day! cant be happier.. its the fifth month and 1 day i have been with chicky! haha.. On this super cool day, dearDEAr na came to my house to give my sis tuition. so wanna pop in and teach my sis together but my mum at home so cannot disturb or else get scolded again. haha.. so i quietly, guai guai de sit in one corner do homework. haha.. when the tuition finally ended, deardear NA went home le.. to prepare for the muchly anticipated jay concerT!! haha.. though the price is rather steep(128) but i think its worth every cent as it would serve as sweet sweet memories for the rest of chicky's and ducky's lifE! haha.. Thinking that my dear need rest for the concert, i let her off.. haha.. but my darling deardear is preparing a surprise for me! haha.. my super x5 reward! haha.. i met her at 5 at TM.. knew she was up to something but i act blur. (initially, thought she wanted to go buy a mrt long poster for jay... haha..) haha.. when i saw her she's as beautiful as usual. but next to her lies a unidentifed object.. upon closer look, ITS MY AI XIN dinner! haha.. so happy! my lao puo prepare for me one! haha.. we talked about it all the while but didnt expect her to make dinner for me just before the jay concerT! wat a surprisE! SOoososoooOOO happy!! haha.. we went to eastlink mall to have the sumptuous dinner! haha.. dun think its just some simple dishes.. its of high culinary status! haha.. got three veges, one egg and one meat.. though not all the dishes are made by deardear na but i can feel the love in it! haha.. (dishes help by her mantainal friends).. haha.. its so delicious!! i finshed every bit of it! though my tummy is like getting bigger and bigger but I didnt caRE! haha.. after the super powerful dinner, we proceed to the jay concert!! ZHOU JIE LUN, wo men lai ye! haha.. when we were there, not many people reached yet.. so we sat there and my dear talked about jay and how handsome he is.. i ALMOST DIED OF EATING TOO MUCH vinegar! haha.. when the concert started, my dear started jumping.. haha.. it started off with jay hanging on the cross singing yi fu zhi ming.. haha.. its totally wonderful~ haha.. every move of his, for example he crossing his arm, my dear would say soooo cool.. then i cross my arm then she BO CHAP me!! haha.. but nvm.. give jay chance JUST for this night! haha... unfortunately, our row is kind of those quiet type.. wanna high also difficult.. haha.. so its quite not high.. especially there's a babarian sitting behind us.. asking everyone to sit down.. wat a jackass! haha.. luckily i dun like violence or else"**&^%R$#^%&**" haha.. but all of a moment, everything was high again! landy wen lan came out! and oh my, she is sexY! haha.. so i keep on talking about her hoping that dear will jealous but to no avail! haha.. can see i care more for my deAR! ahaha.. yup, and the special guest was nan quan MAMA.. haha.. btw, their songs are quite nice.. the piano PK part was really impressive! haha.. OH MY!! jay and that nqmm guy is damn god in piano!! and i LOVE jay's pink piano! haha.. all of a sudden, jay say the concert ended.. haha.. i know he bluff one.. all the fan stayed back and shouted"ZHOU JIE LUN".. then the drummer suddenly came out.. every beat of the drum, the fans will scream par of jie luns name.. haha.. for example.. one beat "zhou" second beat"jie" third beat "LUN".. haha.. so cool.. after a while, jie lun came hopping out and started to sing KAI BU LIAO KOU and QI LI XIANG.. by then i already cannot stand it le.. i pull my dear out of her seat and went right in front.. we really got into the atmosphere there~~ haha.. sooooOOOO nice!! haha.. then the concert is really over le.. the lights are on, and we moved out.. there's this place where sell all zhou jie lun's merchandise.. on top of the merchandise printed "wu yu lun pi yan chang hui".. i and dear bought 2 wrist band and a disc holder! super nice.. haha..

wat a happy day for me man!!!!!!!
HOPE My dear is happy too......
hope we can see more concerts together k..
and less babarians gg to concerts! haha.. in fact he threw ice at some of the supporters.. must be menopause!!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Internship is surprisingly over! Ha..

After one week of going to work at 9 and going off at the incredibly stupid time of 12, my internship is over,according to my mentor Mr m.j chua! wat an incredibly good news! i have not started on my hwk and was feeling very depressed over it when this piece of good news camE!
haha.. sHIOK ah! i've been at novelti collezione doing nothing except for carrying goods and installing programs into the system. what a freaking waste of time! haha..
But at least i had a wonderful day on friday! but not with this small firm but with my deaRdEAR! its our FIFTH month. haha.. so happY! i brought her to our old place, plaza singapura. the place where i literally fell head over heels for her. haha.. i brought her to cafe cartel to have dinner. i was thinking of where to eat for so long when i finally decided cafe cartel. its not beacause the food is fantastic whatsoever. But its the place with the nicest and most romantic atmosphere.(dear mentioned it once and i REMEMBERED! unlike dear, always dun remember wat i say) it was at the outdoor part of cafe cartel where people could have their meals. haha.. more surprisingly was that cafe cartel gave us a complimentary pasta cause of our special day (26/11/2004) our fifith month!! haha.. actually, the truth is the waiter gave us the wrong food and we did not realise it and in the end we ended up eating an extra pasta. the poor people in front of us who waited so long for their pasta which was in our mouth also benefitted as when they complained, cartel gave them a complimentary cheese cake to apologise. its a win-win situation for everyone~! haha.. then after that, we watched bridget jones diary! i was overall a nice movie but i think due to us missing the first part we got a little out of place.. but the jokes were not bad.. HOWEVER, i dont think my dearDEAR na would understand! haha.. Later that, we catched the last mrt home. then unfortunately, the skies broke loose and rain starts pouring! haiz.. my plan turned into soup. but everything is wonderful. i really enjoyed every moment with my darling and i hope she enjoys it too.. haha.. AND DEAR, I REALLY LOVED THE PRESENT U GAVE ME.... ITS PERFECT~!

hope there are more infinty months to come with my dearDEAR na.. haha.. btw, this blog is done at my house while dear is giving tuition to my sister! haha..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

first timE!

haha.. its my first time with dearDEAr to kboX! haha.. so happy.. we sang so many songS! haha.. from my fav ai hen jian dan and chun zhen to shin one night in beijing.. haha.. could have hit all thos high notes but it was in the later part of the day le then my throat ultra soar.. haha.. dearDEAR, sing ang moh song like ah lian one.. dear, MUZ slang slang one.. haha.. i sang at least 3/4 of the songs cause dearDEAR keeps on hugging onto the remote control.. haha.. but i didnt mind singing song to my bao BEI! haha.. lao puo dearDEAR i love ya so much.. cant wait to go kbox with ya! haha.. dearDEAr, say im the first to go kbox with her alone! haha.. i soooooOOOO happy.. wanna have a lot of firsts with her.. dearDEAR, we free come qie singing again k! this time my turn to choose songs for ya le.. haha.. and not forgetting the wonderful neo prints we have taken!! haha.. very beautifully taken.. haha.. matT dearDEAR is stilla s photogenic as before.. haha.. (bu yao nian)
gtg.. singapore idol starting soon.. haha..
Hope to have many other firsts with deaRDEAR..

Thursday, November 04, 2004

romantic daY..

haha.. went to sentosa with dear dear on wednesday!! so nice!! my first sentosa trip with deardear!! everything was so perfect!! if only theres a camera with us to capture all the moments it would be wonderful.. haha.. love yaa deAR!
our next trip to sentosa would be at siloso beach!! haha.. kayaking and all the nice nice photos!!