Saturday, October 23, 2004


dear dear finally bought her pants!! after running through so many stalls finally the stock is here!! haha.. i believe dear deaR and me ARE so happy.. brought deAR to sakura for our 4th month dinner.. ITS so nice and sWEeT!! haha.. we eat till stomach wanna BURST le.. haha.. deaR i really Love ya so much!! wanna give you the best! haha..
i got so much to write but meeting dear for a talk on "why do we have to die".. sounds interesting! haha.. ok got to bo late.. going now.. love ya deAR!!

Cara Mia, Ti Voglio Bene....
U n ME forever!!!
happy 4th MONth!

Friday, October 15, 2004


haha.. 24 oct is a very happy day.. cause i bought a very nice pants!! haha.. dont think its just normal pants k.. its with my dear dear one.. haha.. branded somemore.. very nice one.. haha.. so happy.. got another item that my dear dear and i share.. dear dear just RoX!! haha..
dear!! i wanna have more couple stuffs with ya k.. LETS gambatte to our saving money and dieting plan!!! haha..
we can be slim and wear nice nice couple clothingS! love ya my caRO!!

PAntS roX!
14 oct 2004
more CoUPles stuffs together!!(,")(",)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Promos FiNaLly OVeR, DInner in ChanGI F|NaLlY HeRe

Hahaha.. PROMOS is finally over!! and i mean finally.. what a period of stress, anxiety, pressure and heart clutching moments.. haha.. finally can rest? NO way man! there is still the to0pd PW to be done.. wah!! so sianx.. but i think i will just slack it out.. i am really so tired of it le.. haha..
Right after the F maths paper, dear dear and i went shopping.. haha.. went bugis.. but dear dear seems so tired.. haha.. poor dear dear have been mugging so hard these few nights.. but dear its finally over le! we can finally proceed to our plans.. haha..
Being a nice little ducky, i sent my dear dear home to get some rest cause dear dear and i are going out for dinner later.. haha.. i am bringing dear dear to changi to have famous Nasi Lemak and spicy sting ray.. haha.. couldnt concentrate during physics tuition and i mean NO one could.. everyone was playing a fool and the chao slacker teacher even went to the extent of cancelling the tution and treated us to indian Rojak.. haha.. hes quite a miser i feel, trying to push here and there but he finally relented.. haha.. he so rich but sooOOO NIao! haha..
After tuition, i rushed home to wash up and i later meet dear at the bottom of my house where we proceed to changi for GOOD food.. haha..
Dear as usual was slightly late but i didnt mind as i already preparing to wait for 8 years.. haha.. we took bus 89 to changi which like took ages to come.. haha.. but when finally it came, dear dear and i are very excited.. haha.. changi village! here comes chicky and ducky.. haha..
I ordered a sting ray and 2 plates of international nasi lemak which i and dear dear "sooT" till clean clean.. haha.. wat a nice dinner! wat a nice feeling to have dinner with your loved ones.. just wanna eat dinner with dear dear NA forever.. haha.. we even planned to have more dinner at changi village in the future as the feeling is so nice.. haha.. have a sumptutuos dinner before i go to pulau ubin for army trainings in the future.. haha.. that'll be so sweet.. haha.. just want to Last all the way with my darling NA.. haha.. so happy..
After the dinner, we took a stroll at the beach.. the wind was so nice.. so windy.. so romantic.. just wanna hold my dear dear hand and walk with her through our entire lives together.. dear, U have been such an important part of my life.. I'm SOoooOooOOOooooo deeply in love with ya, my caRO! dear, dont worry about anything k.. just enjoy every dinner with me.. like i'll enjoy in your company.. love ya darling.. changi--> our future dining nice place.. haha.. love you caro!!!!!!!!!!!

together dining in changi forever(",)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

last pAPeR to go..

haha.. the last paper is f maths on Tuesday!! haha.. got 3 days to study have to mug hard but it seems so difficult.. dont know why.. haha..
really hope to do well for promos but so much things hav happened during promos dun noe what will be my result be like.. haiz..
first day of promo my mum went to thailand.. kind of not used going to exam without her wishing good luck to me.. haha.. (mummy's boY).. haha.. then early in the morning, my toilet light broke.. what in the worlD!!! haha.. then during maths exam i had a super terrible headache.. did damn badly.. haiz.. can it just get worse??
with dear dear NA encouragement, i moved on.. haha.. hope for the better in the next days paper which is gp followed by physics.. guess what??? MY ZIP broke early in the morning.. cool huh?? what in the world is happening.. haha.. even this could happen.. so i took GP without a zip can u imagine the difficulty in trying to concentrate thruout the exam? haha.. After the embarrassing paper i phoned my maid to bring a new trousers.. haha.. luckily she is willing.. at least i got a new trousers for physics.. Physics section b was so tough man. haha.. but at least i madde thru this embarrassing day and teached some physics theory to my sister(jas in this case).. haha.. hope it'll be of some help.. haha..
then econs!! the paper was tough, tiring and super exhausting.. haha.. but at least i did not faint in the exam.. haha.. THREE CHEErS!!! now left f maths to go!! JIA YOU!!

To dear dear NA:DEAR!!!! gambatte le!! u are a real sLACKEr!! haha..
to JAsmine: enjoy your earlier holis.. haha..
to shao and yuting:one word..jiA YOU!!
jEremY: yours would be slower BUT FOCUS!! haha..

Friday, October 08, 2004

MOvIe WItH dEar..

Haha.. today is a super sweet day.. dear dear bought pizza FOR me!! YEAh... haha.. after econs i was so tired, so exhausted but guess what? DEAR come all the way to school to give me pizza.. haha.. i sooooo happy.. deardear NA roX!!! love her so much.. haha.. then later i brought deardear to eat "tang yuan" cause i want me and dear dear to be yong yuan tuan ju.. haha.. so childish.. but i find it so meaningful.. wanna eat tang yuan with my dear every reunion dinner.. haha..
eating halfway, all of a sudden i feel like watching movie so i asked dear.. dear, surprisingly also wanted to watch.. haha.. she said that she wanted to watch cool guy when she saw it on the MRT.. haha.. so coincidental...
so... ducky and chicky.. made thier way to tampines.. haha.. we considered many shows before deciding on WIMBLEDON.. haha.. dear dear matt loves sports so dear NA accomodate him.. DEAR NA Sooo good!! haha..
the movie was rather nice i feel.. very refreshing.. haha.. i think dear quite enjoy it too.. just simply love watching movies with dear.. Dear, dont worry k.. u sure get to watch cool guy one.. i already book myself to watch with ya.. haha.. Lots of movies waiting for me and DEArdear NA.. haha...

TOday just simply ROCKS...
dear dear NA is the best!!!
LOVe ya, darling!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


just had maths c test.. oh my.. the worse i have ever done.. my brain was not functioning through out the entire exam.. oh my.. so sad=(.. dont realli know how much i will get hope it'll be reasonable..
just didnt know why i get the brain blockage all of a sudden.. its going to kill me..
hope it'll just go away soon..
but i believe theres a reason for something.. maybe its a test for me.. to help me get back on track!!!!
machi de tua tao..
if u give up, no one can help YOU!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Me and dear Heart Posted by Hello

haha.. one of me and dear dear couple stuff.. the right hand side longer one is my heart and the left hand side is deardear's.. haha.. our heart would be like this keychain stucked together forever never to be taken apart.. haha.. locked up by a lock and the key is eaten by a fish.. haha.. i was so happy to have bought this with my dearest dear dear... cause its like so so so so meaningful.. a token of our love.. haha..
together forever..

super sweet Posted by Hello

hahaha.. my first Neo print with dear dear.. remembered that time we did not know wat pose to do then i said act cute.. haha.. then this is the result? not bad right? for a first timer.. haha.. the neo print is i decorate one some more.. haha.. did not know how to erase ended erasing half of the heart.. haha.. stupid stupid dear dear matt.. haha..
so sweet.. so happy.. and the movie spiderman 2 is REAl nice.. must see who u watch with.. haha.. love dear dear na so much!

flying chicky and ducky Posted by Hello

the beginning..

My first entry to blog.. haha.. quite cool i indirect way of expressing your thoughts to all ur friends.. haha..
Life has been quite tiring recently.. my brain is like blocked up unable to think anything rationally... why why why? hope the old matthew quickly comes back.. so tired of not being able to do anything with the best of my ability.. haha..
yup.. but wats comforting is that i have my chicky supporting me all the way.. Shes a real gem.. so supportive, so caring, so nice to me all the way.. i will really cherish her and bring her much joy..
To my caro: "only U N ME"!! lets build our beautiful future together.. lets just settle down and mug real hard for our promos.. its time to start studying.. haha..
if u are wondering whos my darling caro, its ling na.. haha.. the only love of my life..
really hope everything will be fine between me and her and we can last All the way.. hahha..
PROMOS i will face u like a man! fighting all the way.. my dear dear will be with me.. may love truimph.. haha...
hope pormos, OP quickly ends cause i have loads of activities with my dear.. JAY CHOU concert here we come!! wat a once in a lifetime experience it would be for my dear and me... hahaha...
money is just paper... the experience we get will serve as sweet memories for me and my darling.. haha..
hope my blogging career would be a smooth flowing one.. haha.. the best if it helps to improve my GP.. hahaha...

Cara Mia, Ti Voglio Bene....
forever together