Tuesday, May 31, 2005

new cap

HAHA.. i got a new cap.. my first cap to be exact.. from my dudes ding rui and jun.. u guys rock man.. haha.. always by my side when i am bored..
we met up at suntec to drink coffee then they gave me this cap. another hip hop item from juncheng.. haha.. last yr was a shirt, now is a cap, maybe shoes next yr.. think he gonna be broke.. ahha.. zou hip hop lu xian le..

wonder how are ya coping? im realli sorry for everything.. i just could not move on from the past i hope ya understand. anyway, we are still good frens.. please take care, my fren!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

old frens

met up with an old fren.. mystery person.. not gonna tell ya who.. just to catch up.. its been such a long time meeting up with someone who u once know. sounds a lil funny but its true its like i dont noe my secondary sch frens le. i really love my secondary school life, everything was such a breeze. Hope i can take things by its stride and really stay focused on life and studies.. i pray for a better time management, more focus and temper management. i dont wanna be angry with small little things anymore. i wanna love my enemies and forget all troubles. i believe u can, matthew!! =) n my mum just bought da vinci code for me, wanted to read this book so long but no time and money.. haha.. hope to enrich myself thru this book.. its really been donkey years since i read a book.. haha..

to my fren having gp exam,
aLL ThE beST!

I'm sorry

i really do not want it to end this way.. but im truly truly sorry.. i just cant do it.. i dun wan to make anyone sad.. i just am no good.. take care, my friend.. all the best to ya.. regardless of wat happens, we will still be friend.. im sorry.. really really really sorrry.... =(