Sunday, March 19, 2006

aims and resolution

decided to plan with some resolution so that my these 2 years are not wasted.. a lil late though now tat i didnt even get into ocs!!!!! argh.. this is sianz.. but nvm.. here my target goes:
1. be in the fittest shape i've ever been.. aim to run 10 mins and below! slim down and look more lean and trim.. too big size for my liking.. that means i gonna eat less and run more..
2. get a soccer boots.. aiming at the range of ablout 50-80 and must be cool and look nice.. quite hard la
3. buy rollerblades.. wanna pick up rollerblading so that i can rollerblade around singapore.. bicycle sounds a good deal too.. but guess rollerblading more effective for trimming down all e fats.
4. join some grassroots organization or some community work organization.. wanna return something back to the society.
5. teach tuition to maybe cousins or mum's friend children. need more income!! army pay is pathetic.......

I'M MOTIVATED!!!!! look out for the new matthew which is set to unleash in 3 months time.. he'll be trimmed and fit.. WOOOOO!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


got into sispec.. 2nd tier of ocs.. my parents want me to go ocs.. hope i didnt disappoint them.. frankly, i study hard and do all those stuffs is to make tem proud.. i love them and i want them to be happy.. i know they'll be happy with me just being happy and doing the stuffs i like.. but.. i just cant like enjoy myself and really open up in front of them.. i dun noe wat i'm talking about las.. sighs.. i'll go sispec with a new attitude to train myself.. to be fit and do good to others.. sometimes the fear of being late, being tekan by sergeants make me so self-centered.. always rushing and rushing that i didnt look out for other people.. im going to change my attitude.. i just wanna be matthew, the happy go lucky one.. i dun wanna be the army matthew where he always rushing rushing fearfula nd all the other stuffs.. im going to be brave and courageous.. face everything right in the face.. for lord jesus is always looking out for me.. i just have to stand still and look at all the miracles unfold.. praise the lorD!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


argh... there's this sudden interest of mine to be a teacher.. how how? accountancy sounds like a good deal.. but i cant imagine seeing myself coming back late from work at 2am everyday.. my family will miss their papapapa.. haha.. and its like stress, white hair and torture.. n wat about business.. many people says its too general a degree and i have to compete with people from poly that might even be more outstanding than me.. who cares of a degree when a cheaper diploma student can earn more right.. sighs.. teachers are the best la.. stress free, get to interact with students, build strong pillars for the future.. haha.. sighs.. but i missed the deadline for the moe scholarship thing.. and this means next year.. sighs... i have to wait again....... y didnt i do my research.. sighs sighs sighs.. nus science, ntu accountancy, nus or smu business.. headache!!!!!!!!!