Friday, December 30, 2005


new year is coming.. i guess its e start of a new beginning.. 2006 will be a better year for matthew and all his peers.. guess it also signifys the end of u and me.. I realli wan to thank ya for all e sweet memories tat u have given me.. all e encouragements and all e love in e world had really made me felt very special but im sorry its my fault tat things didnt work out ina good way.. i've really tried.. but e more i tried the more painful it gets.. i really wish for the best in your life, my friend.. regardless of wat, you'll have my fullest support.. you are so loving and nice, there'll confirm be better guys out there who loves u more than i once did.. treasure them.. i dun deserve to be in your life..
thank you for:
the umpteen jiayous, the swans tat accompanied me through the exam, the wonderful sentosa trip, the changi stingrays, the walk along changi beach, the many delicious dinner tat u shared with me, the many prezzies tat u have given me, the valentines card, the countless 'i love you', the sacrifices u've made to give my sister tuition, tolerating my nonsense, supporting me in my table tennis matches, placing me first priority in many aspects, sakura, soup restaurant........ many many stuffs and lame jokes we shared together.. thank u so much..
i wish and hope it'll be good memories in our mind.. but its time for ya to move on.. enjoy life after A's.. and life in uni where u meet many wonderful guys.. choose carefully cause u'll be spoilt for choice.. i wish u all e best in life and a happy new yr my dear friend.. may god bless u in all aspects of life.. thank you so much..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

blast from korea..

the ten days trip from korea is soooo exciting so much things to write..... to tell.. to share... but knowing e lazy person i am i am gonna summarise HEAVILY.. HAHA..
first of all, the scenary is beautiful.. wonderful.. perfecet.. the mountains the trees the stones its just amazing.. never in my life had i really fully appreciate the magnificient creaion of god.. its just amazing! we are sooo small compared to the big big universe.. haha..
secondly, leaving singapore to korea to experience the wild realli gave me time and space to sort out some thoughts.. i've make up my mind.. i have to make it clean this time.. even though it pains me to see her sad but this is something i have to do.. i shall not hold u any further.. it would be soooo unfair to ya.. so pls forgive me for being so heartless.. i dun think anymore words are acceptable.. i wish u happiness in all aspects of your life..

KOREA, a super ultra beautiful place where there are sooo many beautiful sweet and painful memories(pain as in physical pain.. haha).. so many interesting storieS!! haha.. feel free to call me if you wanna know more...

god bless!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Going korea tml.. haha.. a ten days trekking.. parents been suaning me about the astronomical amt spent to go there and suffer.. but i'll enjoy.. i kknow......
my legs are hurting from soccer and not in tip top condition.. but i'll pull thru... yeah! dun miss me k.. haha

Sunday, December 04, 2005

camp orion

ok....... went to this syfc camp recently.. grew so much as a christian.. many doubts that i have are slowly cleared.. it was a tiring yet super enriching experience.. first day was amazing race from tamp to boon lay.. 2nd day was at woodlands, 3rd day was a 16km track in a jungle.. its just truly amazing.. everything went so smoothly.. not a single drop of rain in the 4 days.. AMAZING
!! god is just so nice to us.. i slept on the ground for the first 2 days and on tables the last day.. so u can imagine the amount of pathetic sleep i had.. but i never regretted gg to the camp.. =) thank you so much.. my group mates, my leaders and yao qi who invited me.. its truly a once in a lifetime experience that i hope will bring me thru thick and thin of life..
DEAR frens, if ya find me doing something wrong please remind me.. =)
PRAISE GOD.. three cheers to camp orion..
perspective purpose price pain people..