Saturday, June 25, 2005

a lil too late

yesterday mug consectively for 4h.. haha.. the longest mugging time sia.. hai.. but a lil too lil a lil too late.. hai.. just pray for the best for my jct ba.. try my best can le.. life is so fragile better learn how to appreciate it and do the right things at the right time man..=)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

jogging time

last night sleep was terrible.. struggling to find zhou gong the entire night.. dont noe why.. haha.. but i had bring plans today! which is to...... * drum rolls*.......... JOGGING!! haha.. went jogging at bedok stadium after my tuition but the timing was still damn pathetic.. a shitish timing of 11mins and 5 seconds.. just couldnt break then 11 mins mark!! sianz!! haha.. n the tuition is realli not beneficial.. haha.. when the teacher is teaching the stuff i read my own notes casue he always teach basic stuffs.. maybe i'll ask for a transfer to the orchard branch where there are many top jc teachers casue all the best jcs are located in the west.. hahaha.. and theres this super cute gal in the orchard tuition.. muahahaha.. but think she'll just be another katrina.. hahaha...

Friday, June 17, 2005

hair finally trimed

haha.. went to supercuts to trim my hair.. now my hair finally got some shape le.. haha.. not the explosive head le!! muahahahahahahah..... not bad! hahaha

Thursday, June 16, 2005

low morale

the june holidays seem to past by in a flash.. jct is coming.. but i'm not peaking. i feel very low in confidence and very worried. oh my! confidence when will you come baCK To me?? really hope that i can just do to the best of my ability but things doesnt seem to go my way. oh god, please help me..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

so lame

wanted to wake up early yo do lots of stuffs one. asked my aunt to wake me up at 9.. but in the end, she never wake me up.. you know wats the reason? she said raining then the weather very nice, so she let me sleep MUCH longer.. haha.. i dont know to cry or to laugh. haha.. this either shows that she is cONCERNED for me or she forgotten, but either the reason she is still my aunt la. hahaha.. i also dun noe wat im talking le. think the plans for today will all be ruined le. hai.. c'mon matthew!! start chionging!!!! NO time le.. time is escaping from your hands. snatch it back. haha.. taht day ah, my clock spoil i tot so early, so slack n slack till at night! haha.. make me waste another day on tv.. hai!! nvm!! gambatte maTChinchIN!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

favourite song

this is my favourite song from my favourite artist david tao.. he is so talented yet so humble.. realli my idol! haha... this katrina song is so touching, i love it so much.. if im not wrong, since sec 2 i listen to this song le.. it realli captures my heart.. the lyrics is so true.. u just wanna know the woman you love deep inside in her heart.. sooooo nice! hope u all like it too..

kudos to jasmine who taught me how to do it. haha.. thanx!

Monday, June 13, 2005


i am 18 years old and one day old! haha.. thanks for everyone who wished me happy birthday. so many of my old frens sent me greetings.. some hardly keep in contact le.. thanks a lot dudes! love ya with all my heart! haha.. today is gonna be a stay at home slack day! hope im able to start doing something real soon as i am beginning to get extremely worried.. i will try my best though! gambate matt!! and ya, s.h.e de selina i will eat my medi n wont live in my own world k! haha.. dont worry!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

birthday boy--- ME!

12-06-87.. MY birthday! haha.. okie, the boys helped me celebrate and it was quite alright except that i made ding rui angry again.. dont know why he so angry.. just use cake shoot him only wat, normally thats what we do maybe except those guys just sit there looking and i become the main culprit.. but since its over then forget it le lor..
i've got a earpiece for my present.. quite nice.. thanks so much guys.. haha..
actually, i dun like birthdays give me that kind of feeling that i am getting older and going to face the harsh realities of life. i really would like to live under the loving arms of my parents and not grow up.. maybe become peter pan but guessed its impossible.. people just have to grow old. haha. guess its the way that u age that really matters, have u made full use of your life??? haha.. have u enjoy the sweetness in life? the simplicity of life? feel that been so stressed up over so many things that i overlook many importatnt characteristics of life.. as cliche as it sounds but it makes a lot of sense, when is the last time u stop over to smell the flowers, when is the last time u called ur fren and said i caRED! as simple as it sounds, but often overlooked.. the world progresses and u have to progress in order just to keep pace with them, its always a game of catch up.. a game that never ends till you retires and spend your time looking after ur grand children! haha.. looking at the big picture, one may think that life is so tiring, but its often the extra things that life brings you that make life worth living.. your frens, your love ones, or even your children in the future.. life just gives u so many surpluses. it just makes u loook forward to it.. but there is a price to pay, which is to age.. haha.. life is just so interesting.. However, some people despair as they meet with obstacles, troubles and use drugs to numb themselves. i understand it and find that its really a borderline between doing the right things and the wrong things.. make full use of your lives dudeS! there is always frens who will be there for ya forever.. this is wat i believe.. at least i will be there for all my frens.. realli.. all of my frens out there take care cos i carE..
lastly, happy birthday to me.. haha..

Friday, June 10, 2005


ok met up with an olf fren today.. went movies and dinner together.. quite fun really.. haha.. many stupid things happen but its quite exciting la.. first one ticket gone missing, second, fish and co excellent service and 45 mins of bicycle ride.. hahahahaha... ok..
have to thank my fren who endured all my crap. haha.. sorry ah.. haha

Thursday, June 09, 2005


realised i've been blogging much more often.. must be due to that someone's opinion at starbucks! haha..


dun noe y its so hard to concentrate on my studies.. keep on wanting to sms people.. felt much better as time passes and reliving the life of being single.. singlehood definitely makes one more lonley but it gives ya focus and concentration. its a one to one trade off in my own opinon, theres no need to face external problems which have bugged me for so so long.. its kind of like a release.. just wanna lead a happy-go-lucky life without the past bugging me again.. hope things will be better as time passes..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

back from malaysia

yes.. im back from malaysia to the expensive taxi singpaore! haha.. malaysia taxi starting price only 2 rm and it increases at a same rate as singapore! in another words half PRICE! i think thats the most worthwhile thingy in malaysia! actually wanted to buy some shirts from malaysia but the stuffs so ex... more ex tyhan singapore so i came back empty handed, but at least i got many other stuffs than shirts.. haha..
first, the cheap taxi!
second, never eat food associated with russia! especially russian chicken.. its so awful! i have to talk so much cork to divert my attention from the 60 odd green peas with the chicken just in order to finish it.. haha
third, food from AnW.. haha.. been a long time since i last eat AnW.
fourth, too much shopping can tire one out mentally and physically..

ok, thats all folkS! and im back in singapore le! u guys can finally get out of your missing matt sickness, dun need feel so miserable le! haha.. =)

Thursday, June 02, 2005


when tm with my sis to study in e end do nothing
felt so bad..
reached home and took a nap in the end slept for such a long time.. guilty again..
it just hinders my studying progress which is progressing at such a slow slow slow rate.. haha..
anyone wanna study with me? call me! haha...
been catching up with juncheng and ding rui, they are still as cute as b4.. haha.. but im cuter.. much cuter!! muhahahahahhahaha... =p